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How Dare You

You left me standing, nowhere to be found.

You left me crying

You left me shaking until my bones cracked

You left me, but still I have waited for you to come back

I was hoping you’d come back

I was praying hard that you will still love me

I was desperate and crazy about you

But now, I’m awaken

Where were you in my ups and downs?

I was in yours

But you’re not in mine

Where were you when I was hurt?

You hurt me

Where were you when I was crying?

You made me cry

Where were you when I was alone?

You’re the reason I am alone

How dare you leave me

© Victoria Casanova


I Love You Victoria

I Love You Victoria

ole leaves

Stupidity Attracts

Wow! How did I fell in love with you?

Everyone told me that you are not worth it. But I still believed that you are. They told me I was so stupid that I fell in love with you. But I’m not. Why? You made me smile every time I look at you. You don’t look good to them but you look the best for me. Every time you say “HI”, my bones, my bones shake. You made my heart react violently every time I see you with another girl.

Why did you stole my heart?

They told me that nobody loves you except me. Then why can’t you notice me? Why can’t you love me back? I’m so updated to your life but you don’t even know mine.

When will you notice me?

Am I not pretty for you? Am I not good enough? Am I just a stranger staring at you? Am I just a girl dreaming that we can be together? They told me that sooner or later you will notice me, but when? When will that happen? Some told me that you already know. Then why can’t you tell me you like me too. Do you like someone else?

Are they right?

Maybe my feelings are still confused. Maybe it’s not you. Maybe I should stop loving you. Maybe they are right that you are not worth it and I’m just wasting my time. They told me that I deserve better. But love sometimes fail. Maybe this is not yet the right time. Maybe Love is just waiting. Or maybe Love is someone else

© Victoria Casanova

Circles 2

Circles 2

Circles 2 by jutay featuring a black shirt



Random Template 2

Random Template 2